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Happy Hormones - Peaceful Periods

Natural & Safe Natural Solutions for Your Period Problems. Learn How To Feel More Energised, Vital, Peaceful and Comfortable With Your Menstrual Cycle.

Wendy Dumaresq

Radiant Women Book

Learn how to help Problem Periods or Menopause Mayhem. Learn HOW to have more Energy, Better Health and Well-being at any age. Shipped Globally, Prices $AU

Wendy Dumaresq

Thrive Through Menopause - Foundation Course

For Midlife Women Who Love To Live and feel more energetic, vibrant and awesome during their Menopause Transition Time. Developed by qualified health practitioner. Pricing in $ AU.

Wendy Dumaresq

Natural Contraception Package

Learn How To Use Safe & Natural Methods For Contraception AND How To Eat, Live & Use Natural Solutions For Better Periods.

Wendy Dumaresq
$20.00 / month

YOUR Sisterhood - Natural Woman Network

YOU can feel more Confident, Energetic, Happy & Healthy by learning from experienced healers how to use natural, safe solutions for your health and wellbeing.